Guay Tiaw Moo Thuun Lam Yai

Thai Noodle Soups, Without The Guess Work

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Thais love eating noodle soups and you will find soup shops and mobile street vendors everywhere, though it can sometimes be quite daunting to the uninitiated as to what soup they are making.

There are many different types of noodle soups sold all over Thailand, however many travellers may walk past the queue without ordering because of uncertainty as to what the vendor is selling.

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Thai Sweets

Sweet Treats: Navigating the Maze

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When visiting night markets or food areas around Thailand, you will often see vendors with a myriad of colourful sweet treats on display. Common questions from international guests to Thailand are along the lines of “what are they all” or “how and what do I order”. Our very own ‘foodie on the street’, Leigh, strips away the veil on these Thai sweet favourites.

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Yam Pak Boong Tod Krop

Vegetarianism: Celebrate the History & Flavours

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Thailand is known for its many festivals and in October this year, it is the vegetarian festival known as Tesakan Gin Jae or Jae Festival. Whilst much of the celebrations will take place in Bangkok and Phuket, where they celebrate this festival with great gusto, Hua Hin and its surrounds also partake in the festivities, which begin on the 15th day of the waning of the 9th month of the Thai lunar calendar – phew! In short from 20 to 28 October 2017.

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A Laap By Any Other Name…..

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The Hua Hin Food Festival 2017 presented some of Hua Hin’s best food offerings, with everything from Thai street food to local specialties, sweets and the major hotel chains showing off wonderfully innovative menus.

Here, Feast Thailand’s intrepid roving foodie, Leigh, visits one of the Isaan vendors at the festival and samples Laap Tod (ลาบทอด), a deep fried version of the……

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