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Kids 'n' All Tour
Operates: Everyday 10am to 12:30pm
Duration: Approx 2½ - 3 hours
Price: 1,350 ฿ Per AdultMake A Booking >>
900 ฿ Per Child Under 12
Child Under 6 - Free
Walking Distance: No walking on this private tour as we utilise local transport
Transport: Hotel pickup / dropoff (pickup restrictions apply) & all other tour transport
Beverages: Bottled water and all other beverages on the tour
Food: Over 15 items all up. Lots of 'kid-friendly' food culminating in lunch at a spectacular, yet secret Hua Hin restaurant. Please only have the lightest of breakfasts, as we have a lot of food to sample

Note: This tour is not suitable for vegetarians. See FAQS

A private tour designed for families to explore and discover Thai food together in a way that is fun, yummy and educational.

Learn to eat Thai food as a family; be able to use what you learn when you want to again eat Thai food as a family, either in Thailand or back home. Learn about the flavours of Thai food, how to spice it up for adults; how to reduce the heat for the kids.

On this tour, you will be eating in some very local restaurants, where Thai families eat everyday as well as to other venues that serve fantastic food that all the family can enjoy.

This tour also includes some insights into Thai family culture and its relationship to food.

As everyone loves noodles, we start the tour with Thai Chicken Noodle Soup. This wonderful venue is a story in itself, as this family shows us how they have also become so successful taking a Chinese dumpling, Kanom Gui Chai, and elevating it to the next level. We see how this local family kitchen makes these traditional Chinese dumplings and, naturally, we taste these delicious morsels.

We find street food vendors are a great way for families to experience Thai food, with everything from sweet to savoury snacks on offer. We will introduce you to what we like to call TFC - Thai Fried Chicken. Forget the Colonel, this is fantastic deep fried chicken. We learn how to choose the best street vendors, plus see roadside sweets being cooked the traditional way, as we sample Khao Lam (ข้าวหลาม) - Sticky Rice Cooked In Bamboo and Gluay Tod (กล้วยทอด) - Succulent Fried Banana!

Our next venue would have you believing you are actually in the NorthEast of Thailand - Isaan. We like to call it 'Little Ubon'. The food from this region focuses mainly on two things, fresh grilled meats and spicy salads. Here we will taste food the whole family can enjoy.

Next we get you involved with how sweets are wrapped in banana leaves and test your skill at wrapping.

Our next destination is a relaxing garden venue where we taste Nam Prik Ong (น้ำพริกอ่อง) - the Thai version of Spaghetti Bolognese. We will also sample a Som Tam (ส้มตำ) platter. This tangy green papaya salad is fast becoming Thailand's national dish, as it is available everywhere. This mixed plate is about sampling the many different flavours on offer.

We finish the tour at a secret location both kids and adults will love. The place looks custom made for families to relax and enjoy some fabulous Thai food. It is a traditional Thai house perched right on top of the water.

Please Note: This private tour requires a minimum of 3 paying guests.

Tour Highlights

  • Try Thai chicken noodle soup the way many Thai families do
  • Sample Chinese steamed dumplings taken to the next level in a local house
  • Sample traditional dishes from the NorthEast (Isaan) region of Thailand, known for it's salads & grilled meats.
  • Sample sweet and savoury street food at various roadside vendors
  • Learn to wrap sweet snacks
  • Sample Thai spaghetti bolognese at a relaxing venue
  • Finish the tour at a secret seaside venue that looks
    custom-made for families to enjoy themselvesReturn To Food Tours >>

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