Rungthor on Soi 51

Catch more than a Minivan at Soi 51

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If you are looking for an area to eat in Hua Hin that is not on the regular tourist map, head for the corner of Naebkhehart Road and Soi 51.

Soi 51, now the home of the minivan depot, has always had a multitude of food options. This is very much a Hua Hin locals’ haunt.

Recipe: Yam Phak Boong Thot Grop (ยำผักบุ้งทอดกรอบ)
Deep Fried Morning Glory Salad

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One of our all time favourite vegetable dishes at Feast Thailand Food Tours is a salad of deep fried morning glory – Yam Pak Boong Tod Krop (ยำผักบุ้งทอดกรอบ). The texture of the crispy battered morning glory works so well with the spicy salad. Had your mum served vegetables like this when you were growing up, you would have wolfed….

Baan Rak & the Cassia, Hua Hin

Local Sisters Find Success

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At Feast Thailand, we like to focus our attention of local ‘food heroes’. This month, we focus on a remarkable success story as we shine a spotlight on Baan Rak & the Cassia and see what it has taken to get them this far. Recently, Feast Thailand spent some time with Khun Roongy from Baan Rak & the Cassia….

Chinese Influence On Thai Cuisine

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To begin to understand the influence the Chinese have had on Thai cuisine, one must first examine Chinese migration to Thailand over the centuries. Thailand is home to the largest overseas Chinese community in the world. As of 2012, there were approximately 9 million Thais who claimed Chinese ancestry; up to around….

Laap Gai (ลาบไก่) – Spicy Chicken Salad

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Laab is an ancient salad. The merchants of this part of Asia, the Haw, may have helped to spread this dish from the south-west of China and now, throughout northern Thailand, there are adaptations of this style of salad – laap, nahm dtok and sup. Originally from the north-east, this basic, simple style of Laap is now deservedly popular….