The Ultimate Surf ‘n’ Turf Seaside BBQ

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When I was asked to attend “The Ultimate Surf ’n’ Turf Seaside BBQ" at the Anantara Hua Hin Resort, I was not about to say no.

The Sai Thong Restaurant is right on the beach, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, so you knew the vista and atmosphere was going to be spectacular, though I was interested to see how they would do a BBQ as the ultimate dining experience.

As you enter the Anantara and walk through the elegant Thai-inspired reception buildings and beautifully manicured gardens, you are warmly greeted by every staff member. The tables are dressed and overlooking the ocean, with a large grill and salad buffet all set up ready to go.

One of the main reasons I was keen to try this BBQ evening was the promise of trying a Tomahawk Steak. Some of Hua Hin's top restaurants advertise Tomahawk Steak, though for one person, which is great, as it is normally a two person dish, with the huge rib-eye weighing in at more than 1kg. To try it here for one meant I could have the best of both worlds; as much Tomahawk as I wanted, with a selection of other tastes to go with it.

Freshly Grilled Prawns & Vegetables
Freshly Grilled Prawns & Vegetables

The grill was fired up and sizzling, with the chefs cooking huge local prawns and seafood skewers. Meat lovers weren't forgotten, as there was also lamb along with belly pork cubes of a generous size. The Tomahawk Steak did not disappoint with the lamb coming in a very close second. What I liked about the BBQ was all the proteins were grilled fresh to order and brought to your table.

The selection of side dishes was wide and plentiful, with something for everyone. From an assortment of fresh vegetables to make your own salad, to Thai classics like Som Dtam, Thailand's Green Papaya salad, or Yam Som Oh, the classic Pomelo Salad, the selection was good without being overwhelming. I was lucky enough to see the small farm on site at the Anantara where they grow a lot of the salad ingredients used at the resort; things like lettuce and mushrooms.

There was also a selection of warm sides, with everything from baked potatoes with sour cream and chives to sweet potato fries, which go so well with traditional BBQ meats.

Fresh Local Ingredients
Fresh Local Ingredients

Then came the plate of giant prawns and freshly grilled fish, along with pieces of corn on the cob. A squeeze of lemon on the fish, some melted butter on the corn, with a second helping of an asparagus salad and I was definitely content.

To finish the night off, there was a small, but adequate dessert cart with various fruits, brownies, cakes and ice cream with Belgian chocolates. To be honest, I didn’t need the selection to be any bigger than that, as I'd had enough with the BBQ, which is the main focus.

Ultimate Seaside Location
Ultimate Seaside Location

The price for The Ultimate Surf’n’Turf Seaside BBQ is 1200 THB nett per person, with an exclusive selection of Australian wines for an additional 600 THB nett per person.

Did I leave hungry? Definitely not; and I got to try a Tomahawk Steak in a portion size I could handle. Service staff were prompt and attentive, with live music playing all night. All in all, it was a terrific night.

The Ultimate Surf’n’Turf Seaside BBQ
Tuesdays from 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Sai Thong Restaurant
Reservations or information contact:
+66 (0)32 520 250 or email here

Photo Credit: Patrick Jacobs

Disclaimer: Whilst I was invited by the Anantara management to try out their new Tuesday night dining concept, The Ultimate Surf’n’Turf” Seaside BBQ, all the opinions are my own based on my experience in eating this type of food.
Leigh Higgins from Feast Thailand.

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