Royal Thai Cuisine
There is really nothing mystical about Royal Thai cuisine other than the preparation and presentation of the food. Other than that, almost all of the dishes served are one regular Thais would eat.

When creating for the Royal household, though, only the freshest ingredients and the finest quality are used. To account for everyone’s different palate, there are no extremes in flavour. No extremes in heat, saltiness, sourness or spiciness are used. The dishes are created in perfect balance.

There is something that does stand out with regard to fruits and vegetables, though. All fruits and vegetables have any seeds and skin removed. The fruits will often be carved into elaborate shapes, as is the peel, which is often used for decoration. If fruits or vegetables are too big, they will be cut down to more attractive sizes.

To impress the Royal diners, each and every detail of preparation and presentation is looked at meticulously. Royal Thai food is not just about the taste, but also about the aesthetics of the dishes. They must be visually pleasing before the diner arrives at the perfectly balanced flavours.

All meat and fish are deboned, so as to avoid any possible problems when eating. If a fish is to be deep fried, it is first fried slightly and then painstakingly deboned using tweezers and knife. This often requires separating the fillets from the backbone. Once the bones are removed, the fillets are put back together to make the fish appear whole again. The remainder of the frying then continues, giving the appearance of a whole fish when done.

Not only is the food spectacularly presented, but also the crockery and cutlery used are refined and elegant. Everything about Royal Thai Cuisine just smacks of sheer refinement.

One dish in particular that was created specifically for the Royal household is Khao Chae. This dish was first created during the reign of King Rama II.

Khao Chae is basically a refreshing dish of rice in ice cold water scented with jasmine. It is served with an array of condiments to enhance the dining pleasure.

On our Morning Market & Street Food Tour, we sample Khao Chae at the Chat Chai morning fresh produce market.

On our 4 Corners of Thailand tour, we actually take you to a stunningly beautiful venue serving Royal Thai Cuisine. Here we try Khao Chae as it was meant to be served.

Royal Thai cuisine is regarded as one of the cultural symbols that represent the exquisite refinement of the Thai court