Soi 51 After Dark

Soi 51

Around Hua Hin
This month’s ‘local update’ is on the area in and around Soi 51, aka Dumrongrat Road. This is a street just north of the city which is visited by locals in the afternoons and at night to get their hunger and thirst tamed.

On weekends, hordes of Bangkok visitors also hit the area to explore its food and relax, sipping a glass of wine overlooking the ocean at places like Living Room Bistro & Wine Bar or Coco 51, which both have excellent Thai menus as well as Western food. It’s their idyllic locations that have Thais flocking there.


At night, many people checkout Wine House Bar & Bistro, where the beer, wine & spirits are free-flowing, the food is excellent and there are a steady stream of people reading and willing to jump on stage with the resident band to belt out a tune. Their massive outdoor kitchen puts out some stellar food and whether you opt to dine inside in air conditioned comfort, or sit in the beer garden, the atmosphere is always cheerful.

Just at the corner of Soi 51 and Naebkhehard Road sits Beer 51 Jelly whose almost frozen beer is a novelty. It’s an unusual way to serve beer, but it works. The full house out the front can attest to that.

There’s Sound Library for a beer or a cocktail that looks like a work of art. All this while listening to the coolest music selection play, or having the owner, Khun Pook, perform live for you on his guitar.

Many of the smaller food options along Soi 51 are some of the best of their type in Hua Hin. There’s the amazing Som Tam Thanon Tok, which does some of the best Isaan food in Hua Hin. They have every possible variation on Som Tam there is; with corn, raw crab, crispy pork or fish, grilled chicken. You name it, they probably do it in Som Tam. Couple that with the best grilled meats and fish you’re likely to find and all manner of Isaan specialties and you have a venue unrivalled in Hua Hin, though many try.


There’s Nai Choi offering the most amazing Kuay Tiaw Reua (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ) – Boat Noodle Soup. This rivals the legendary soup of Vietnam – Phở. The broth is rich after hours of slow cooking, along with pieces of slow-cooked beef, liver, pork balls, crispy pork skin, noodles and herbs. Make it your own with the condiment set and you have a soup to die for.

If sweets are your thing, try Roti Gu, who do amazing things with roti; there’s also Milkman offering every possible variation on beverages with milk, from smoothies onwards, as well as coffee and desserts. Both are constantly packed.

There are new bars and food venues opening all the time along Soi 51. It is a constantly changing and evolving area. Only three or fours ago, it had very little in the way of food and drink. Now, it is one of the hippest strips for people to be seen. There is currently a large construction underway for a market along the lines of the popular Cicada Market (ซิเคด้า มาร์เก็ต), which happens every weekend in Hua Hin