GranMonte's Tropical Essence

GranMonte Estate

In Bpaak Chong, the westermost district of Nakhon Ratchasima in Northeastern Thailand, and nestled in the verdant Asoke Valley, GranMonte Vineyard and Winery has been quietly revolutionising the art of winemaking in the Kingdom since 2009, earning an enviable reputation that stretches far beyond its borders. The winery currently produces 120,000 bottles of wine per annum, with the maximum capacity expanding to 300,000 bottles to cover the rapid growth and popularity of the wines, especially in the Thai market.

"The best fruit of Thai soil, bottled!"

C.S. Lewis

The estate’s ideal location at 350 meters above sea level has an impressive 90 rai (approximately 36 acres or 15 hectares), making it a viticultural marvel in Thailand's unique climatic conditions. This meticulously maintained vineyard is home to a variety of grapes, including Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Semillon, Verdelho, Durif, and Grenache, all estate-grown and exclusively used for GranMonte’s wines. The estate is also experimenting with other varieties such as Sangiovese, Barbera, Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca, pushing the boundaries of winemaking in Thailand. GranMonte operates under a precision farming system known as ‘Smart Vineyard’, which incorporates advanced microclimate monitoring. This innovative approach is crucial for managing their ‘tropical’ vineyard, aiming to achieve the highest quality and yield in a region not traditionally known for viticulture.

World-Class Wines

To make world-class wine, you need to have someone with passion, knowledge and a love for wine behind the wheel. At GranMonte, that person is Nikki Lohitnavy, a visionary oenologist and winemaker whose deft touch has garnered GranMonte wines over 100 prestigious awards in just four years, including the illustrious title of Best Wine From South East Asia for their 2021 Durif at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2023. Nikki’s creations are not just drinks, but narratives in a bottle, inviting connoisseurs on a vinous odyssey that echoes the rich, tropical essence of their terroir.

GranMonte Whites

As diverse as the Thai landscape, the white wines of GranMonte are a sensory expedition from the refreshing Spring Chenin Blanc to the luscious GranMonte Viognier and Verdelho, each bottle capturing the sun's warmth and the soil's fertility. Both the Viognier and Verdelho are unique to GranMonte in Thailand, with the Viognier having the added touch of uniqueness of using wild yeast from the vineyard. Not content to rest on their laurels, GranMonte Estate continually pushes the envelope with bold experiments like the Sakuna Rosé Syrah and the exotically sweet Bussaba.

The introduction of the GranMonte Crémant heralds the estate's foray into sparkling wines, expanding an already impressive portfolio. What makes these wines truly unique is their 100% estate-grown promise and even the use of wild yeast, an embodiment of the vineyard's unique character. Through Nikki's tropical winemaking style, every vintage is an exploration of flavour, a celebration of innovation and a genuine expression of Thai terroir.

GranMonte Reds

GranMonte Estate has crafted an exquisite range of red wines that speak volumes of the region's potential in viticulture. The GranMonte red wine spectrum is a testament to sophistication and versatility, ranging from the universally adored Heritage Syrah blends to the distinguished Asoke Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah. GranMonte wines are not just beverages; they are narratives of Thailand's ability to produce world-class reds.

The Orient Reserve, another standout in their collection, is crafted from Syrah grapes selectively harvested from some of their oldest and lowest-yielding vines. These vines are rooted in slopes enriched with red clay, bestowing the wine with a unique character that is both robust and refined. The 2021 Durif further highlights GranMonte's excellence, having earned the prestigious title of Best Wine in South East Asia. Each bottle from GranMonte is more than just wine; it's a chapter in Thailand's burgeoning wine story, inviting connoisseurs to experience the rich, tropical soul of its origin.

We Know Hua Hin


At the heart of GranMonte Vineyard lies VinCotto, a charming 120-seat family restaurant that seamlessly blends the beauty of indoor and outdoor dining. Esteemed for its home-style Western and Thai dishes, VinCotto is the jewel in GranMonte’s culinary crown, attracting both local and international guests. Each dish served here is a page from the Lohitnavy family’s own recipe book, offering a taste of authenticity and tradition. What makes dining at VinCotto truly unique is the opportunity to pair these exquisite dishes with GranMonte’s award-winning wines, creating a symphony of flavours that perfectly complement each other. The restaurant caters to a diverse array of guests, from families enjoying a holiday meal to wine aficionados savouring the famous festive season 5-course menu, each course thoughtfully paired with a GranMonte wine.

Home-Style Elegance

VinCotto Breakfast

VinCotto is not just about the exquisite food and wine; it's an experience that extends to its splendid surroundings. Guests can enjoy their meals amidst the lush beauty of the vineyard, whether choosing to dine in the garden terraces or in the private dining room. The addition of the stunning 360° viewing tower offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the vineyard, elevating the dining experience. For those residing in Khao Yai, VinCotto brings its delightful fare to your doorstep with a convenient delivery option. Whether it's starting the day with a grand breakfast set (including a glass of bubbles), or indulging in an à la carte evening meal, VinCotto, at GranMonte Estate, provides an unforgettable gastronomic journey, where each meal is not just consumed, but rather celebrated.

Award-Winning Experience

At GranMonte Vineyard, nestled in the heart of Thailand's picturesque Asoke Valley, wine enthusiasts are welcomed into a world where viticulture and hospitality blend seamlessly. As a family estate, GranMonte prides itself on its warm, hospitable service, inviting visitors to partake in their renowned vineyard and winery tours, an experience that has garnered the prestigious Agrotourism Award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand for four consecutive years. These tours, lasting approximately 1.5 hours, offer an educational, yet fun journey through the art and science of winemaking, culminating in a tasting of 4 of their fabulous wines in the tasting room.

Taste And Tour

Wine Tasting

Embarking on the tour, guests are comfortably transported through the lush vineyards in a tour trailer, where they are introduced to the intricate aspects of viticulture. The guide, knowledgeable and passionate, explains the nuances of climate, soil and grape varieties that are pivotal in crafting GranMonte’s exquisite wines. The journey continues to the Asoke Valley Winery, where visitors witness the winemaking process firsthand. Depending on the season, this might include observing the operations in action – from fermentation to barrel aging. The winery, equipped with advanced winemaking equipment and housed with pristine oak barrels, offers an insightful glimpse into the meticulous process behind each bottle of GranMonte wine. The tour culminates with a viewing of an informative video in the the Montino Cellar Door tasting room, followed by a tasting session of four premium, award-winning GranMonte wines. This tasting experience is enhanced with a thoughtful pairing of cheese and crackers, allowing visitors to savour the flavours and aromas that make GranMonte wines a symbol of Thai excellence in winemaking. This tour is not just a visit; it's an immersive experience into the world of wine, crafted with the love and dedication that is the hallmark of GranMonte Vineyard.

Khao Yai Haven

Deep in the picturesque foothills of Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the GranMonte Wine Cottage offers a tranquil and unique retreat within the idyllic GranMonte Estate. Surrounded by the majestic Khao Yai mountain ranges and sprawling across 15 hectares of lush vineyards, this charming cottage provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just a scenic 15-minute drive from the entrance of Thailand's second-largest national park, guests at the Wine Cottage are perfectly positioned to explore the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of the area.

Spectacular Vistas

Wine Cottage

The GranMonte Wine Cottage boasts seven elegantly appointed rooms, each featuring dark hardwood floors that beautifully contrast with the delicate fabrics and furniture. Modern comforts are not overlooked, as each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a minibar, air conditioning, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The private bathrooms add a touch of luxury, complete with toiletries, bathrobes, comfortable slippers, hair dryers, and hot water. What truly sets these cozy and self-contained rooms apart are their breathtaking views. Depending on their location, guests can gaze out over the verdant vineyards or enjoy a jungle view, offering a unique opportunity to observe local wildlife right from their windows. Adding to the experience, a full and hearty breakfast is served at the estate's VinCotto restaurant, ensuring that guests start their day in the most delightful way. The GranMonte Wine Cottage is more than just a place to stay; it's an immersive experience in the heart of one of Thailand's most beautiful wine regions.

Cellar Door

A visit to GranMonte Estate's Montino Cellar Door is an essential stop for anyone seeking to indulge in the finer aspects of Thai viticulture and local culinary delights. Montino offers not only a chance to taste and purchase GranMonte's acclaimed wines, but also an array of homemade goods perfect for enhancing both your cellar and kitchen. Here, visitors can savour the estate's famous 100% fresh grape juice, explore a variety of seasonal fruit jams and treat themselves to an assortment of cookies, dips, red wine jellies, salad dressings, pasta sauces and freshly baked goods. The tasting experience at Montino is comprehensive, allowing guests to sample an array of wines and homemade products, each reflecting the rich, local flavours and GranMonte’s commitment to quality.

Estate of Elegance

GranMonte Wine Barrel Cofee

Montino Cellar Door is not just about wine and gourmet products; it's also a cozy haven for coffee and tea enthusiasts. In fact, GranMonte has a collaboration with Doi Chaang Coffee Estate in Chiang Rai; Wine Barrel Aged Coffee. The coffee is washed and then aged in GranMonte's sweet wine barrels; with both espresso and filter roast available, it's a unique take on coffee. There is also the coffee corner within Montino which offers a selection of both local and imported coffees and teas, perfectly complementing the homemade pastries and cakes available. It's an ideal spot for a tranquil break amidst the day's activities, whether you're winding down from a vineyard tour, or simply taking a moment to relish the serene surroundings of GranMonte Vineyard and Winery. Montino also caters to corporate needs, offering custom-made gifts for any occasion, adding a personal touch to corporate gifting. This delightful nook in GranMonte Estate is more than just a shopping stop; it's a space where the essence of the vineyard's offerings meets the warmth of Thai hospitality, inviting visitors to linger, taste, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


GranMonte Estate is a true embodiment of Thailand's burgeoning prowess in the world of winemaking. This exquisite estate offers an holistic experience which goes beyond just wine tasting. From the inviting Montino Cellar Door, brimming with GranMonte’s finest wines and a plethora of homemade gourmet products, to the insightful Wine Tours that unravel the mysteries of winemaking, every aspect of GranMonte is crafted for the wine enthusiast. The Wine Cottage provides a peaceful haven for guests, merging comfort with the natural beauty of the Khao Yai region. Meanwhile, the Asoke Valley Winery stands as a testament to the estate's commitment to quality and innovation in viticulture.

Dining at the VinCotto Restaurant is an affair to remember, blending the flavours of Thailand with international culinary finesse, perfectly complemented by GranMonte’s award-winning wines. The vineyard itself is a lush expanse, showcasing the best of Thai terroir and the meticulous care that goes into growing each grape variety. Both the red and white wines produced here, under the watchful eye of an accomplished winemaker, have gained acclaim for their quality and complexity. GranMonte isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of Thai winemaking, offering a unique and memorable experience that lingers long after the last glass is savoured. This estate stands as a proud representative of Thailand's wine culture, inviting visitors from around the world to discover the rich flavours and hidden treasures of this remarkable winemaking region.