Eat Like A Local Tour
This tour is about showcasing local food heroes; where local Thais love to go and eat.
We take you off the beaten track where you'll try some amazing Thai food in humble surrounds.
You'll eat with locals, because as the age old adage goes, “locals always know where to find the best food in town."
For this tour, we searched for venues that had a high standard of food hygiene, were family-run, used their family recipes and that offered truly 5 star flavours, without a 5 star appearance.
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Everyday 10:30am to 2pm
3.5 Hours
1,850 ฿ Per Person (12 years and over)
900 ฿ Per Child (6 - 11 years)
Street Food & Morning Market Walking Tour
This walking tour is for the true foodie and includes a traditional Thai breakfast, market exploration, Southern & Isaan (NorthEastern) food, with many more tastes.
This is our #1 tour, encompassing 20+ items chosen to give an insight into the varied flavours of this fabulous cuisine; street food, salads, fruits, desserts, spices & drinks; along with a few surprises.
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Everyday 8:45am to 12:15pm
3.5 Hours
1,750 ฿ Per Person
900 ฿ Per Child (6 - 11 years)
4 Corners of Thailand: A Taste Sensation Tour
Thailand has 4 very distinct culinary regions. On this tour, we delve into each of them at 4 very different dining establishments.
This is tour is about showcasing the huge flavour and spice variations of the 4 culinary regions of Thailand. It is designed for the discerning traveller who wants a more leisurely paced food tour.
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Monday to Fri 12:00pm to 3:30pm
3.5 Hours
2,650 ฿ Per Person
Sunset Local Eats Tour
Ever wondered how, where and what locals eat at night? This tour is about the evening local food fix; where Thais go for freshly cooked takeaway meals or to eat out.
This tour is also about getting 'under the skin' of the food scene in Hua Hin and exploring where locals go to eat in the evening.
It's about seeing the freshest local produce in a local market full of tasty delights. In the market, we will be eating and tasting standing up. This way we can move around and sample what the vendors have to offer.
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4:30pm to 7:30pm
3 Hours
2,050 ฿ Per Person (12 years and over)
900 ฿ Per Child (6 - 11 years)
The Real 'Jing Jing' Food Tour
The term 'Jing Jing' means real / authentic. For us, it is about doing Thai food justice.
This tour is deliberately designed with the more experienced Thai traveller in mind. It is for the traveller looking to find new and exciting Thai dishes that they have not yet tried. We try some spicy dishes along with more mild ones; all exhibiting that wonderful Thai ‘balance’.
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12pm to 3:30pm
3.5 Hours
2,050 ฿ Per Person

Kids 'n' All Tour
A private tour designed for families to explore and discover Thai food together in a way that is fun, yummy and educational.
Learn to eat Thai food as a family; be able to use what you learn when you want to again eat Thai food as a family, either in Thailand or back home.
Learn about the flavours of Thai food, how to spice it up for adults; how to reduce the heat for the kids.
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Everyday 10:00am to 12:30pm
2.5 Hours
1,750 ฿ Adults / 900 ฿ Under 12 / Under 6 Free

The Original Flavours of Phetchaburi
Known as the ‘City of Three Tastes’ (salty, sweet & sour), Phetchaburi has been named a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy due to its rich food heritage. Many local dishes have been handed down from generation to generation.
This tour is deliberately designed for the person who loves to explore food and food history.
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8am to 4pm
8 Hours
Variable Price: From 2,850 ฿ Per Person

Private Tours
Fancy planning your own specialised itinerary, or prefer to do one of our existing tours with just a select few, like your family or friends?
We are all about YOUR experience.
If you want to keep numbers to an intimate few, or are just happy to let us take you on a food exploration journey.
Make your visit to Hua Hin a memorable one!
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On Demand - Details TBA
Duration TBA
Price TBA


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Booking your tour directly with Feast Thailand has the following effects:-
    Any alterations to your tour date or time can be conveyed directly, rather than through a third party; this includes changing to a cheaper, or more expensive tour (requiring either a refund or additional payment), something almost impossible to do with an Online Travel Agent (OTA)
    Our tours require a minimum of 2 persons to commence. To avoid cancellation due to insufficient numbers, if you are a solo traveller, contact us directly and we will do our utmost to get you on the tour you desire. An OTA has no such capability

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You will have direct contact with Feast Thailand to answer your questions, before, during, or after your stay in Thailand.

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We offer secure payment via the PayPal platform, whether an existing PayPal member or not. This platform is know worldwide, giving you piece of mind.

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Feast Thailand is a small, locally owned business employing locals, so booking directly means we pay no hefty commissions, with all tour proceeds going to the company.

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