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Feast Thailand launched in 2016 when GM, Leigh Higgins, moved with her husband to Hua Hin. After travelling to this beautiful part of Thailand for over 20 years and falling in love with this seaside town and all it has to offer, it was felt there was an opportunity to share with travellers the extraordinary food culture that exists here in Hua Hin, with all 4 Thai culinary regions available in one town.

Naam Phrik Ong - That Spaghetti Bolognese

Our aim is to show travellers Thai food they may not normally eat in their own country, or even when travelling to Thailand.
We pride ourselves on knowing the best places to go and in showing guests flavours and dishes they will remember forever.

Our aim is to show travellers Thai food they may not normally eat in their own country, or even when travelling to Thailand.
We pride ourselves on knowing the best places to go and in showing guests flavours and dishes they will remember forever.

Naam Phrik Ong - That Spaghetti Bolognese

We have two full-time, licensed, English-speaking Thai tour guides; Belle and Cream. Both have been with Feast Thailand since its inception and are true foodies. We do not use freelance guides as our tours are very specialised and personal. Our reputation is based on our knowledge of the local food scene and the connection we develop with every guest. Our guides have a great relationship with our food vendors as well; they know their history and what makes them special. These relationships have been forged through trust and mutual respect.
We take you to places where we love to eat; most are not on any of the tourist maps.


We Know Hua Hin!

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Food Tours

Our tours are designed to enrich your knowledge of Thai food and how to get the best eating experience out of your holiday in Thailand.

What makes our food tours different to others is we focus on showing you food from ALL 4 culinary regions of Thailand.

Eat Like A Local - Phat Graphrao


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Dried Fish @ Chat Chai Market


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Naem En Kor Gai


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Fresh Sweets @ Chat Chai Market, Hua Hin


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Jing Jing Food Tour


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Souther Thai Food


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Other Tours

Feast Thailand prides itself on knowing what to do and see, as well as what to eat in our own backyard; this includes the provinces of Petchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan.
If you are looking at getting here and away, or wish to experience the less touristy side of Hua Hin, Feast Thailand can help you.

Sight See Eat Tours

We organise private sightseeing tours based on what you would like to do and see. These can be either full of half day excursions.
Rest assured you will also have great food on our Sight See Eat tours.

Private Food Tours

If you are looking for something special and want a fully private experience, we can tailor any of our food tours just for you and your group.
We could also design something from scratch just to meet your needs.


We can arrange safe, reliable and comfortable transportation to and from Hua Hin.
The drivers we use personally for our personal transportation needs, are the same drivers we use for our guests

Getting Around

Hua Hin is a relatively easy and painless town to get around in.
Whether you want a private driver, fancy driving yourself in a car or riding a motobike, or simply want to know the public transport options, we can assist.

What's On?

Many travellers are now looking for a cultural experience during their holiday.
Whether it's a religious festival, concert or local event, we keep up to date with what is happening in our backyard and can advise something which suits your needs.


Fancy a Muay Thai bout during your visit, want to go kiteboarding, visit Monsoon Valley Vineyard, or participate in a cooking school?
Whatever activities you wish to take part in, we've got you covered and can organise them for you


Led By Local Thai Foodies

The Feast Thailand team were born and bred around Hua Hin, so they know the region and its food culture. They love showcasing, eating and talking about food. Their mission on each and every tour is to find your new favourite Thai dish. They will get to know you; your likes and dislikes and then set about showing you the best places serving up great Thai food.


Get Ready To Eat

We love food and showing the diversity of Thai Food, however our tours are not simply tasting tours; you are going to taste a lot of Thai food and you will leave full. Our tour guides will add in dishes to specifically match your needs, or show you something you've always wanted to see or try to take your experience to the next level.

Where We Go

You will struggle to find any of our stops on the tourist maps. We will take you to places where the locals eat and where the focus is squarely on flavour and food hygiene. Some places appear very rustic; some are tucked away in back streets, while others are a little less local looking, exuding a look of elegance and class. All, however, serve up delicious Thai food, not altered for the Western palate.

Supporting The Locals

We believe in giving back to the community and we do this in a number of ways. We pay full price at every place we visit and every vendor is chosen on merit. We do not receive discounts from any vendors, nor receive goods in return. We hire local drivers who own their own vehicles. We tip our vendors and drivers accordingly. Our team are all full-time staff members with full social security benefits.
This....is Feast Thailand!


What People Are Saying


“Highly recommend the Eat Like a Local Tour
Arranging the tour with Leigh was easy…Belle was very welcoming, she had a great personality!!!
We family 3 adults will eat everything & anything.
The variety of food & Belles knowledge was outstanding. Certainly more than enough food to try, very good value for money!!
Best advice don’t eat breakfast before you go...... ”
– Liz Parish from Singapore,
via TripAdvisor


“If you like food this is best thing to do.
They know the best places to eat different thai food. I went on a tour with Cream and i was suprise by every place we went....... ”
– Luc via TripAdvisor


“This food tasting tour had us picked up from the hotel and taken out for a real premium food tasting experience at a few stops away from the tourists. The ride in the back of a covered pick up kept the rain at bay. Our guide Cream was excellent, highly knowledgeable, and more like a friend than a tour guide, keen to show off the less known Thailand food surprises. Suitable for chilli lovers, and the chilli haters, Cream varied our tour and tastings to suit the both kinds in me and my wife. There was something for everyone and we learnt so much about Thai food which helped us along with the rest of our vacation,keeping us adventurous with our new tasting skills. For a true tasting, experience we highly recommend this tour in the Hua Hin area....”
– BeLu from London UK,
via TripAdvisor


Benefits of Booking Directly

Booking your tour directly with Feast Thailand has the following effects:-
  • Any alterations to your tour date or time can be conveyed directly, rather than through a third party
  • Your payment and personal details are secure
  • Any questions you have can be immediately answered
  • You will be supporting a local business employing locals

Speak Direct

You will have direct contact with Feast Thailand to answer your questions, before, during, or after your stay in Thailand.

Secure Payment

We offer secure payment via the PayPal platform, whether an existing PayPal member or not. This platform is know worldwide, giving you piece of mind.

Supporting Us

Feast Thailand is a small, locally owned business employing locals, so booking directly means we pay no hefty commissions, with all tour proceeds going to the company.

Get Insider Tips

You will receive a list of places we recommend. You will not find these places on a Tripadvisor list, but they are our go to places.

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We may not be in the office when you make contact, but we will certainly get back to you as soon as possible.

    Crispy roasted pork belly.  Thai food at it's very best.

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    This is from a little street food vendor doing amazing isaan flavours.

Geang Om Gai.

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    The streets of Thailand are full of great tasting food.  There is nothing better than MUU PING.  Little skewers of wonderful.  We had this one in the morning, Chat Chai Market in the centre of Hua Hin. Depending on the size, each skewer will be between 5 & 10 baht. 

Our Street Food & Morning Market Walking Tour takes you through this market exploring, tasting, learning about Thai Food. It's around 60 minutes in & around the market. 

Click to our website to make a direct booking and payment with us

We know where to find the best food!

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