Elephants & Us
A Kui Buri Encounter

Elephants & Us: A Kui Buri Encounter
Where: Kui Buri
Operates: Daily 9:30am to 6:30pm
Duration: Approx 9 hours
Group Size:
Min 4 People / Max 8 People
Variable Price:
From 2,850 ฿ Per Person (8 people)
Walking Distance: 
None, as we use an a/c minivan
Transport: Tour departs from the Hua Hin Clocktower
Food Included: Tom Yum tea, Thai lunch and water.
Note:This tour is not suitable for Vegans, Celiacs or those with other food restrictions/allergies.
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We Know Hua Hin

Known as the ‘City of Three Tastes’ (salty, sweet & sour), Phetchaburi has been named a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy due to its rich food heritage. Many local dishes have been handed down from generation to generation.

Chinese and Mon cuisine has melded with that of the royal courts of Rattanakosin and Ayutthaya to produce dishes truly unique to Phetchaburi.

This food tour is about exploring the flavours which have influenced the food culture in this province over time. Phetchaburi’s royal history has also had a huge impact on the style and taste of much of the food.

Come Ready to Taste!!

We start the tour in the Old Town Morning Market where we walk the streets, tasting as we go. We also explore the making of one of Thailand’s favourite noodles, Khanom Jeen. Next stop, we taste 2 very different types of noodle soups, with flavours which originated from this area. We also visit two sisters who have been making and selling amazing street sweets for over 60 years.

A trip to Phetchaburi is never complete without a visit to a palm sugar plantation. You will see the process from growing to picking to processing; we then taste the finished product. We will also see the small steamed cakes known Khanom Than being made and taste them as well.

We then head to a local restaurant where we taste local food made from ingredients which are plentiful in Phetchaburi.

You will taste over 15 different dishes on this full day tour, so get ready to eat!

WHO SHOULD DO THIS TOUR? This tour is for the person who loves to explore food and food history.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Join us on an unforgettable cultural experience in the Hat Kham subdistrict of Kui Buri; on the edge of Kui Buri National Park.

Each of the experiences is thoughtfully designed to immerse you in the world of wildlife co-existence.

Elephant Conservation
Experience the noble work of the Bring The Elephant Home Foundation, dedicated to enhancing elephant survival. Engage in initiatives which help foster harmony between humans and elephants, creating a world where both can thrive together. Witness first-hand how conservation efforts are transforming local communities, promoting sustainable co-existence and restoring natural habitats.

Tom Yum Farming
Participate in the Tom Yum Project, an innovative initiative that intertwines agricultural practices with elephant conservation efforts. Inspired by Tom Yum, the famous Thai hot 'n' sour soup, the project focuses on cultivating crops like chilli, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, onion and coriander, which are key ingredients of Tom Yum and, importantly, unattractive to elephants. This strategic choice of crops serves as a natural deterrent, protecting farmlands, while generating income for the local farmers. To enhance the diversity and sustainability of this approach, the project incorporates additional elephant-repellent crops such as lime, ginger, chamomile, mint, basil, turmeric and citronella. By encouraging farmers to shift from mono-cropping practices that negatively impact biodiversity and attract elephants, the Tom Yum Project not only promotes human-elephant co-existence but also fosters a variety of livelihoods, boosts rural employment and plays a crucial role in preserving the vital ecosystems of Thailand.

Beehive Fences
In Thailand, beehive fences have emerged as an ingenious and peaceful solution to the growing conflicts between local farmers and the majestic elephants that once roamed freely in what are now agricultural lands. This innovative approach, arising from the need to balance the increasing demands for resources by both humans and elephants, utilises the natural deterrent effect of bees to prevent elephants from encroaching on farmlands. The strategic placement of beehive fences around crop fields not only effectively reduces damage caused by Asian elephants but also offers an added benefit of supplemental income for farmers through the production of honey and wax; this offers guests a chance to craft their own lip balm. This eco-friendly beehive fence method has shown great promise in mitigating violent encounters between people and these grand creatures, paving the way for a harmonious coexistence and a sustainable future for both communities.

Cook Your Lunch
Immerse yourself in Thai culture by preparing your own traditional lunch. Forage for fresh ingredients in the garden and learn how to cook a delicious Thai meal. This hands-on experience culminates in a communal dining experience, enjoying your creations in true Thai style.

Tie-Dye Workshop
Offering a unique opportunity for creative expression through the vibrant transformation of fabric, Tie-dye is a craft with a rich tradition. This process involves various resist dyeing techniques where fabric is folded, twisted, pleated, or crumpled and then securely bound using string or rubber bands. In this tie dye workshop, you will be using the region's unique dark orange earth as the colour base; this imparts a vivid orange in the patterns on the fabric, creating a one-of-a-kind design. Under the guidance of local experts, you will have the chance to craft your own custom-made scarf. This hands-on experience not only ignites your creativity but also leaves you with a sustainable and personal memento of your Thai adventure, blending traditional techniques with your individual artistic flair.

Go Wild On Safari
Embark on an exciting safari through the Kui Buri National Park in an open-air vehicle. Explore diverse ecosystems and possibly encounter a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat; from majestic elephants to gaurs, deer, wild boars and an array of birds and reptiles, each safari offers a unique and thrilling experience, with different sightings each day.

Join us on this full-day experience and prepare for an unforgettable cultural immersion, as you spend time at the Bring The Elephant Home Foundation. From hands-on experiences to cooking your own lunch, "Elephants & Us: A Kui Buri Encounter" promises a memorable experience in the Thai wilderness.

This tour is for the person who wants to not only see wildlife, but also understand how local villagers are working towards supporting themselves and co-existing with elephants; prepare to get involved!

Avoid Disappointment
The Tom Yum Project requires 72 hours notice prior to each visit, therefore we highly recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Tour Highlights:
  • Over 15 food & drink tastings; Old town fresh market, street vendors and 1 local restaurant
  • Taste noodle soups done Phetchaburi style
  • See how palm sugar is made
  • Dine at a local restaurant serving local style dishes
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