Harmony With Nature

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In 2001, Chalerm Yoovidhya, a true aficionado of the vine, embarked on a journey to bring a new element into Thai culture; winemaking. Fresh from his studies overseas, he perceived the latent potential of his homeland, Thailand, for viticulture. He was eager to illustrate to the world that the 13th latitude of the northern hemisphere, considered far from the traditional wine-growing zones, could indeed yield remarkable wines.

Chalerm's initial foray into viticulture began in Khao Yai, in a place known as Tab Kwang. This area, with its lush national parks and dense jungle, provided the ideal environment for grape cultivation. Its fertile red soil and favourable climate became the foundation for growing rich, opulent Shiraz grapes. Emboldened by his success in Tab Kwang, he embarked on exploring other Thai terrains that could potentially host fruitful vineyards.

An exciting opportunity presented itself in 2002, when Chalerm was invited to partake in the Huay Sai Royal Research Project. Despite Phetchaburi's lack of reputation as a wine-growing region, the trial vineyard there held a pleasant surprise. The grapes cultivated were of exceptional quality, leading Chalerm on a quest to find an expanse of land for commercial grape farming in the nearby Hua Hin area.

Elephant Corral

After much searching, Chalerm discovered the perfect site in Baan Khork Chang, a pristine valley only 35km away from the vibrant Hua Hin beach. This land was once an elephant corral where wild Asian elephants were tamed; now two female elephants, Somwang (36) & Keaw-ta (38), while away the time in their huge enclosure, waiting for the delights brought by visitors on tour or by their handlers. It was here that Monsoon Valley Vineyard, the cornerstone of Chalerm's vision, came to life.

Proximity to the sea blessed the Hua Hin vineyards with cool night breezes, while the soil, sandy and loamy, brimming with shells and fossils, lent a refreshing minerality to the wines. Spanning across 110 hectares, the vineyard flourished while preserving the area's natural habitat, accommodating indigenous flora and fauna, a testament to Chalerm's belief that harmony with nature is essential to crafting truly outstanding wines.

Passionate Artisan

Meet Suppached Sasomsin, the mastermind behind the exquisite wines at Monsoon Valley Vineyard. With a degree in Biochemistry from Kasetsart University, Suppached's journey into winemaking began unexpectedly during a short trip to France in his final year of university. Inspired by the art of winemaking, he returned home brimming with passion and embarked on a remarkable adventure.

Determined to hone his craft, Suppached pursued a Master's degree in Viticulture and Winemaking across Europe, studying in France, Italy and Spain. Along the way, he gained invaluable experience working in renowned winemaking regions like Marlborough in New Zealand, Languedoc in France and Pfalz in Germany. Now, with his expertise and international exposure, Suppached pours his heart and soul into every bottle, crafting wines that capture the essence of Thailand's terroir with finesse and precision.

Vicitulture Maestro

Meet Jan Erik Wild, the passionate Viticulture and Research Manager at Monsoon Valley Vineyard. With a background in Viticulture & Oenology from Hochschule Rhein-Main - University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Jan Erik brings over a decade of experience in cultivating vineyards across the globe. His journey began as a humble Vineyard Hand in Australia, where he nurtured his love for wine amidst the sprawling vineyards. From there, he ventured to New Zealand, honing his skills as a Cellar Hand and later served as a Winemaker-Assistant in Germany.

Grape Whisperer

Bunch of Grapes

Since 2015, Jan Erik has been an integral part of the Monsoon Valley viticulture team, dedicating his expertise to research and development in tropical viticulture. With meticulous attention to detail, he ensures the highest standards of professionalism in vineyard management, hand-selecting the finest grapevines to produce Monsoon Valley's premium wines. Jan Erik's unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in every bottle, as he continues to push the boundaries of winemaking in Thailand's vibrant terroir.

We Know Hua Hin

Monsoon Valley Harvest

Monsoon Valley Harvest

Experience the essence of Monsoon Valley's winemaking tradition at the annual Harvest Festival, a week-long celebration which brings together delectable cuisine, exquisite wines and unforgettable activities. At the heart of the festival lies the opportunity for visitors to engage in hands-on grape-picking, where they can witness skilled workers meticulously harvesting the ripe grapes destined to become the region's finest wines.

Monsoon Valley Harvest

The excitement doesn't end there; guests can also immerse themselves in the age-old tradition of grape stomping, feeling the grapes squish beneath their feet as they partake in this playful, yet time-honoured winemaking practice. And for those with a taste for adventure, the chance to blend their own wine awaits, as they experiment with a variety of source wines to create a unique blend that captures their personal palate preferences. With vineyard tours offering insights into the winemaking process and a plethora of activities to indulge in, the Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival offers an enchanting experience for wine enthusiasts and curious travellers alike.

Monsoon Wines

Monsoon Valley wines stand as a testament to Thailand's prominence in the world of winemaking. Crafted from international grape varietals cultivated at the Monsoon Valley Vineyard, these award-winning wines are sought after for their quality and complexity. Monsoon Valley wines grace the tables of esteemed restaurants and five-star hotels across Thailand, offering a taste of the country's evolving viticultural landscape.

Spanning four distinctive categories, each bottle is crafted with precision and passion at Monsoon Valley Vineyard. With every sip, wine enthusiasts embark on a sensory journey, savouring the rich flavours and unique terroir that define Monsoon Valley wines.

Diverse Range

Monsoon Valley Vineyard Wine Room

Grape varietals such as Colombard and Chenin Blanc, Sangiovese, Rondo and Shiraz flourished at this site; later joined by Muscat, Dornfelder, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Spanning four distinctive categories, each bottle is crafted with precision and passion at Monsoon Valley Vineyard. With every sip, wine enthusiasts embark on a sensory journey, savouring the rich flavours and unique terroir that define Monsoon Valley wines.

The Classic Range
Reserved for export, these wines embody the essence of Thai terroir in every sip.

The Premium Range
Monsoon Valley's Premium Range are exceptional wines which promise to captivate your taste buds with their distinctive flavour profiles, each one encapsulating the essence of the vineyard.

The Signature Range Donbrusco

The Signature Range
This range presents wines meticulously crafted from premium grapes grown on the estate, offering a taste of luxury in every glass. Whether red or white, our Signature wines represent the epitome of excellence, offering a true taste of the terroir of Monsoon Valley

The Flagship Range
These wines are carefully crafted from the finest grapes, tanks or barrels on the estate. They are the crown jewels of Monsoon Valley winemaking and worthy of sharing the table with the world's most prestigious wines. For a taste of Thailand's wine excellence, visit our vineyard or cellar door and experience the pinnacle of Thai winemaking firsthand.