Foodies Food Tour
Foodies' Food Tour
Operates: Everyday 8:45am to 12:15pm
Duration: Approx 3½ hours
Price: 1,500 ฿ Per PersonMake A Booking >>

Walking Distance: Approximately 2km
Transport: Hotel pickup / dropoff (pickup restrictions apply)
Food Included: Traditional Thai breakfast, market, street food, Dtam Sang experience, fiery Southern dishes plus all other food and drink tasted on tour. Over 25 items all up

Note: This tour is not suitable for vegetarians. See FAQS

This tour is for the 'true foodie' and includes a traditional Thai breakfast, a Dtam Sang (Thai à la carte) experience, fresh produce market exploration, with many more tastes.

This is our #1 tour, encompassing 25+ items chosen to give an insight into the varied flavours of this fabulous cuisine. There’s street food, salads, fruits, desserts, spices and drinks; along with a few surprises.

If you are searching for an alternative to a cooking school in Hua Hin, this might just be what you are looking for.

After being picked up from your hotel, we start your food journey by eating a traditional Thai breakfast served with Café Boran. After eating, we will casually stroll over to Hua Hin's Chat Chai morning fresh produce market to explore and experience what they have to offer. The sights, sounds and smells of this lively, almost 100 year old market of Hua Hin are thoroughly enticing. At the market, we will sample exotic fruits and look at a myriad of unusual vegetables, many available mainly in SE Asia. We will sample food cooked or prepared fresh; food that is designed to feed the hungry locals who love to graze all day.

Outside the market, we meet vendors selling freshly prepared food and sample as we go.

After the Chat Chai market, we stroll a short distance to discover more street food, walking through the streets of Hua Hin tasting all the while, but also learning about what makes street food so good, with tips on choosing the best food. Some of the street vendors have been feeding locals and travellers for generations. We will meet them and see why!

As we walk, we visit Khun Goong to try some fiery Southern food. After that, we walk to a local food hero - Ratama, to try the most succulent braised duck.

Our final stop on the tour is Baan Thong Kham, where you will try food from Isaan - the NorthEast, as well as trying your hand at making the famous green papaya salad - Som Tam (ส้มตำ).

Your Thai tour guide will let you in on their inside knowledge on Thai food and how to order the best. You will leave the tour with new or insightful information, even if you have experienced Thailand before.

Tour Highlights:

  • Start the day with a traditional Thai breakfast served with Café Boran
  • Sample Thai sweets that will challenge and delight your senses
  • Taste freshly cooked food in and around Chat Chai market
  • Taste the best fried banana in Hua Hin from a street vendor who has been there for over 70 years
  • Learn how to order like a Thai person, without a menu, at a classic Dtam Sang (Thai à la carte) venue
  • Sample fiery Southern food
  • Try the most succulent duck braised in fragrant spices
  • Become a Nam Jim dipping sauce expert by tasting them with sticky rice
  • See how Som Tam is made and how to order it to your taste. Try your
    hand at making it yourselfReturn To Food Tours >>

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