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4 Corners of Thailand:
A Taste Sensation Tour
Operates: Everyday 12pm to 3:30pm
Duration: Approx 3½ hours
Price: 1,850 ฿ Per PersonMake A Booking >>

Walking Distance: No walking as we utilise local transport
Transport: Hotel pickup / dropoff (pickup restrictions apply)
Food Included: Gaeng Kiaw Wan to start, Southern turmeric chicken to finish; Isaan & Northern food in between. 15+ items

Note: Not suitable for vegetarians. See FAQS

Thailand has 4 very distinct culinary regions; we delve into each of them at 4 very different dining establishments.

This is our 'flagship' tour. It's about showcasing the huge flavour and spice variations of the 4 culinary regions of Thailand. It is a sophisticated tour for the discerning traveller.

Two of the venues we have chosen are amongst Hua Hin's finest spectacular seaside locations, with 5 star views.

Our tour begins highlighting food of the Central Region, Royal Thai Cuisine in fact, which is not seen in its true form too regularly. The food and the location are magnificent.

From there we head to taste the vibrant food of the NorthEast - Isaan. This region is known for its grilled meats and magnificent spicy salads. The venue is one frequented mainly by locals, as the food is very authentic.

We then sample some of the best Northern Thai food Hua Hin has to offer in a beautiful and serene garden location just off the canal.

We finish our tour sampling the food of Southern Thailand at the other of our magnificent seaside locations, where we will have an intimate cooking demonstration, including guest participation.

The aim of this tour is a little education regarding each of the 4 culinary regions, so we have some printed literature for guests, but also our tour guides and some of the hosts at our venues are more than happy to impart some knowledge as we go.

Tour Highlights:

  • Experience the subtlety of flavour and elegant presentation of Royal Thai Cuisine
    at a spectacular waterfront venue
  • Sample traditional dishes from the NorthEast (Isaan) region of Thailand, known
    for it's salads & grilled meats.
  • Sample the sublime tastes of Northern Thai food in a serene garden setting
  • Try the fire of Southern Thai food at a magnificent seaside location
  • Participate in an intimate cooking demonstration at a romantic waterfront venueReturn To Food Tours >>

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