Morning Market & Street Food Walking Tour
Operates: Everyday 08:45am to 12:15pm
Duration: Approx 3½ hours
Price: 1,550 ฿ Per Person
Walking Distance: Approximately 2km
Transport: Hotel pickup / dropoff (pickup restrictions apply - click here)
Food Included: Traditional Thai breakfast, market food, street food, fiery Southern & Isaan (NorthEastern) dishes, plus all other food and drink tasted on tour. Around 15 items all up
Note: This tour is not suitable for strict Vegetarians, Vegans or Celiacs. Please see our FAQS

Eat on the streets and through the market. This 3½ hour walking tour includes a traditional Thai breakfast, fresh produce market exploration then finding street vendors selling freshly cooked street food through Hua Hin’s old town area.

Start your food journey in Hua Hin with a traditional Thai breakfast of Jok Muu: Rice Porridge w/- Pork served with Café Boran: Thai Coffee w/- Condensed Milk. Also try the delicious Bpaa Thong Gor: Thai Donuts, before a casual stroll over to Hua Hin’s Chat Chai fresh produce market to explore what the vendors have to offer. The sights, sounds, and smells of this lively, almost century-old market are thoroughly enticing. Sample tropical fruits and taste food cooked or prepared fresh in and around the market and designed to feed hungry locals who love to graze all day.

Then we hit the back streets of Hua Hin, tasting as we go, while learning about what makes Thai food so good. This walking tour covers about 1 mile (2.5 km) in 3½ hours. Hear tips on choosing the best dishes and meet some of the street vendors who have been feeding locals and travellers for generations.

Throughout the walk through the old town you will see local residents living as they have for many years mixed with the local street art. There are plenty of photo opportunities on this tour. You’ll sample lots of food throughout the entire tour but each day the vendors may be different. This adds to the excitement of the tour.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Tour Highlights:
  • Start the day with a traditional Thai breakfast served with Café Boran
  • Taste freshly cooked food in and around Chat Chai market and on the streets
  • Take some instagrammable photos of street art in the old town
  • Sample Thai sweets that will challenge and delight your senses
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