4 Corners of Thailand
4 Culinary Regions, One Epicurean Adventure

4 Corners of Thailand
Where: Hua Hin
Operates: Monday to Friday 12:30am to 3:30pm
Duration: Approx 3½ hours
Price: 2,550 ฿ Per Person
Walking Distance: None, as we utilise air-conditioned transport
Transport: Hotel pickup / dropoff (pickup restrictions apply - click here)
Food Included: Over 15 food and non-alcoholic drink items from visiting 4 restaurants which specialise in vibrant Isaan, elegant Royal Thai Cuisine, Northern & Southern food respectively.
Note: This tour is not suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs or those with other food restrictions/allergies.
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We Know Hua Hin

Discover the 4 culinary regions of Thailand. We delve into the distinct flavours from each region at 4 very different dining establishments.

This tour is about showcasing the huge flavour and spice variations of the 4 culinary regions of Thailand. It is designed for the discerning traveller who wants a more leisurely paced food tour.

One of the venues we have chosen is amongst Hua Hin’s finest seaside locations, with each venue truly representing Thai flavours from one of the regions.

The tour commences tasting the vibrant food of the NorthEast – Isaan. This region is known for its grilled meats and magnificent salads. The venue is one frequented mainly by locals and is a beautiful garden setting.

Our Northern Thai food stop is at a serene, yet hidden garden location. Here we try some classic Northern dishes like Khao Soi: Chiang Mai Noodles, a dish reminiscent of laksa.

We then head into the back streets of Hua Hin to a local restaurant specialising in the food of Southern Thailand. It is here we experience the unique use of different spices to develop the flavours of this region.

From there we head to taste the vibrant food of the Northeast - Isaan. This region is known for its grilled meats and magnificent spicy salads. The venue is one frequented mainly by locals.

The food of the Central Region is where we end our tour, highlighting Royal Thai Cuisine in fact; this unique cuisine is not seen in its true form too regularly these days. The food and the setting are magnificent. Here we try Khao Chae: Rice In Cool Fragrant Water, a Royal Thai snack unique to the region; this dish will challenge the taste buds. We also try Gaeng Kieow Wan: Green Curry. Many will have tried green curry before, but as with all Royal Thai dishes, this one is refined and elegantly presented, with a brilliant depth of flavour.

You are transported in air-conditioned comfort to experience each of these venues. This tour is about imparting some understanding of the culinary differences of the four very diverse food regions in this magnificent country.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Savour the true essence of Thai food at four carefully selected dining venues, each representing one of Thailand's culinary regions. These venues, chosen for their authenticity and quality, are cherished by locals, promising you a genuine and unforgettable dining experience.

This tour is about showcasing the huge flavour and spice variations of the 4 culinary regions of Thailand.

Immersive Regional Exploration
Immerse yourself in the diverse, enchanting world of Thai cuisine; a journey through four distinct culinary regions. From North to South, East to West, you'll experience the unique flavours, cooking methods and regional dishes that define Thai food.

Local Culinary Delights

Sample an array of mouth-watering dishes from Esaan grilled meats and magnificent salads to the unique spices of Southern Thailand and the depth of flavour found in Northern Thai food. These dishes offer a rich and diverse taste of Thailand which goes beyond typical tourist fare.

Royal Thai Cuisine Experience

Experience the exquisite rarity of Royal Thai Cuisine in its true form. Highlighting the elegance and depth of flavour unique to this cuisine, this tour provides you with a rare opportunity to delve into a culinary world that is often hidden from regular tourist experiences.

Hidden Seaside Experience

Witness the breathtaking beauty of one of Hua Hin's finest seaside locations as you dine. This restaurant, not on the 'tourist trail', is an added visual treat of coastal charm to enhance your dining experience.

Rich Cultural Insights

This tour offers more than just food. You'll gain insights into the cultural significances and historical contexts of each regional cuisine. These insights will deepen your appreciation of Thai food, transforming this tour into a culinary adventure intertwined with cultural understanding.


Join us on this lunchtime food odyssey as we delve into the 4 diverse culinary regions of this amazing cuisine.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our expert guides. Their extensive familiarity with Thai culture, regional variations, and local establishments ensures that you enjoy an enriching, well-curated and safe culinary adventure.

This tour is for the 'first-timer' to Thailand, or the discerning traveller who wants a more leisurely-paced food tour in air-conditioned comfort.

Avoid Disappointment
As this tour requires an air conditioned vehicle, we recommend booking early to lock in that vehicle and avoid any disappointment.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Tour Highlights:
  • Sample traditional dishes from Isaan, the NorthEast region of Thailand, known for it’s salads and grilled meats
  • Try the unique flavours of Southern Thai food at a very local restaurant
  • Taste the sublime flavours of Northern Thai food in a serene and secret garden setting
  • Experience the subtlety of flavour and elegant presentation of Royal Thai Cuisine at a spectacular waterfront venue
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