Eat Like A Local Tour
Where Every Bite is a Story of Tradition

Eat Like A Local
Where: Hua Hin
Operates: Everyday 10:30am to 2pm
Duration: Approx 3½ hours
Price: 1,850 ฿ Per Person (12 yrs and over)
Price: 900 ฿ Per Child (6 - 11 yrs)
Walking Distance: None, as we utilise local transport
Transport: Hotel pickup / dropoff (pickup restrictions apply - click here)
Food Included: Over 15 food and non-alcoholic drink items across 4 or 5 stops starting with a noodle soup, as well as Esaan & Northern food.
Note: This tour is not suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs or those with other food restrictions/allergies.
Please see our FAQS
We Know Hua Hin

Eat where the locals eat. This tour is about showcasing local food heroes at venues not on the tourist maps.

On this 3½ hour tour, your guide will take you off the beaten track. You will try some amazing tasting Thai food in humble surrounds. You will be eating with locals, which just backs up the age-old adage; ‘locals always know where to find the best food in town‘.

Authentic Local Cuisine
Delight in meals crafted from traditional recipes passed down through generations. You'll relish the authentic taste of Thai food in these family-run establishments. You'll appreciate the personal touch and rich stories that these unique venues bring to your culinary adventure.

Non-Touristy Locales
Experience dining off the beaten track, just as the locals do. These hidden gems will enrich your food journey. Dine confidently at venues which adhere to strict hygiene practices. You're assured of enjoying safe, clean food in every bite you take.

Regional Food Exploration
Taste the distinct culinary offerings from various regions of Thailand - Esaan, North and Central. You'll embark on a diverse culinary journey, discovering the unique flavours that define each region. Enjoy Thai food with spice levels suited to your palate. All dishes are served at a lower to medium spice level.

Street Food Extravaganza
Immerse yourself in the vibrant street food culture of Thailand. You'll taste the best that Thai street food has to offer, adding a lively note to your culinary exploration.

Expert Guided Tours
Learn from local food enthusiasts who know where to find the best dishes. Your taste adventure will be guided by experts who will ensure you savour the finest Thai cuisine, tailored to your preferences.

Join us on this mid-morning food adventure and prepare yourself for something special, as you taste your way through over 15 different dishes through the backstreets of Hua Hin's hidden gems, as well as some delicious street food.

This tour is great for those who are perhaps new to Thailand, or just love seeing local life. All the food on this tour is a lower to medium spice level, though very delicious. Our tour guides are very good at finding great food for you to try.

Avoid Disappointment
This tour is one of our most popular tours. We highly recommend booking as soon as possible to guarantee you can do the tour on the day you prefer.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Tour Highlights:
  • Start the day with a traditional Thai breakfast served with CafĂ© Boran
  • Taste freshly cooked food in and around Chat Chai market and on the streets
  • Take some instagrammable photos of street art in the old town
  • Sample Thai sweets that will challenge and delight your senses
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