The Original Flavours of Phetchaburi Food Tour
Dive Into A Culinary Time Machine

The Original Flavours of Phetchaburi
Where: Phetchaburi
Operates: Daily 8am to 4pm
Duration: Approx 8 hours
Min 2 People / Max 8 People Price:
From 2,850 ฿ Per Person
Walking Distance: A little through the old town and fresh food market
Transport: Tour departs from the Hua Hin Clocktower
Food Included: Over 15 food and non-alcoholic drink items from visiting the old town food market, a noodle shop, street food stalls, palm sugar plantation and a local restaurant at the end of the tour.
Note: This tour is not suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs or those with other food restrictions/allergies.
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We Know Hua Hin

Known as the ‘City of Three Tastes’ (salty, sweet & sour), Phetchaburi has been named a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy due to its rich food heritage. Many local dishes have been handed down from generation to generation.

Chinese and Mon cuisine has melded with that of the royal courts of Rattanakosin and Ayutthaya to produce dishes truly unique to Phetchaburi.

This food tour is about exploring the flavours which have influenced the food culture in this province over time. Phetchaburi’s royal history has also had a huge impact on the style and taste of much of the food.

Come Ready to Taste!!

We start the tour in the Old Town Morning Market where we walk the streets, tasting as we go. We also explore the making of one of Thailand’s favourite noodles, Khanom Jeen. Next stop, we taste 2 very different types of noodle soups, with flavours which originated from this area. We also visit two sisters who have been making and selling amazing street sweets for over 60 years.

A trip to Phetchaburi is never complete without a visit to a palm sugar plantation. You will see the process from growing to picking to processing; we then taste the finished product. We will also see the small steamed cakes known Khanom Than being made and taste them as well.

We then head to a local restaurant where we taste local food made from ingredients which are plentiful in Phetchaburi.

You will taste over 15 different dishes on this full day tour, so get ready to eat!

WHO SHOULD DO THIS TOUR? This tour is for the person who loves to explore food and food history.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Join us on a mouthwatering adventure through Phetchaburi's rich food heritage! Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and flavours of this historic city as we embark on an epicurean exploration like no other.

Embark on a culinary adventure in the "City of Three Tastes," where salty, sweet, and sour flavours combine to create a something special on your palate. Discover the unique balance that characterises Phetchaburi's local cuisine.

UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy
Immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Phetchaburi, a city recognised by UNESCO for its creative and diverse gastronomic heritage. Experience a food tour like no other, showcasing the rich traditions and flavours that have earned this prestigious designation.

Timeless Food Traditions
Delve into the rich history of Phetchaburi's food culture, as you savour dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Experience the authenticity and timelessness of flavours that have stood the test of time.

Fusion of Culinary Influences
Explore the captivating fusion of Chinese, Mon, and the royal court cuisines of Rattanakosin and Ayutthaya. Indulge in dishes that reflect the skilful blending of flavours, creating a culinary tapestry unique to Phetchaburi.

Old Town Morning Market Experience
Step back in time as we enter the bustling Rim Naam Morning Market in the 'Old Town', where the aromas of freshly grilled meats and spices guide you through the vibrant streets. Feel the very essence of Phetchaburi, as you taste the savoury street snacks and fragrant herbs that define Phetchaburi's gastronomic culture.

Flavoursome Noodle Soup Tastings
Indulge in the exploration of two distinct types of noodle soups, each boasting flavours deeply rooted in Phetchaburi's culinary heritage. Savour the complexity and depth of these local specialties, experiencing firsthand the tastes that have delighted locals for centuries.

Palm Sugar Plantation Visit
No food tour in Phetchaburi would be complete without a visit to a palm sugar plantation. This is a picturesque setting where lush palm trees sway in the breeze. Your guides, along with Khun Jaem, the owner of the plantation, will step you through the entire process, from the growing of the palm trees to the careful extraction of the golden nectar. Sample some of the palm sugar products on offer, enhancing your understanding of the region's rich culinary heritage.

Seasonal Flexibility
During the wet season, from August through to around December, we replace the palm sugar plantation with a hands-on activity around sweets. You will visit a local factory where they make sweets and desserts. Here you will not only sample these treats but also gain an understanding of how to make them.

Authentic Local Restaurant Experience
Finally, we'll conclude our flavoursome journey at a local restaurant, where you'll be treated to an array of dishes crafted from the bountiful ingredients found in Phetchaburi. There will be dishes using palm sugar as well as the flesh of the fruit. Relish in the diverse textures, vibrant colours and harmonious flavours that make Phetchaburi's cuisine truly special.

Join us on this full-day adventure and prepare to embark on an unforgettable culinary experience, as you taste your way through over 15 different dishes. Brace yourself for a day filled with delectable surprises, cherished memories and a satisfied appetite.

This tour is for the person who loves to explore food and food history.

Avoid Disappointment
This tour has been regularly selling out. We require 48 hours notice to prepare, so we highly recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Note: Sometimes our regular vendors are closed on the day you have a tour booked, however we have other vendors that are equally as good in the event that there are closures.

Tour Highlights:
  • Over 15 food & drink tastings; Old town fresh market, street vendors and 1 local restaurant
  • Taste noodle soups done Phetchaburi style
  • See how palm sugar is made
  • Dine at a local restaurant serving local style dishes
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